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High Speed Internet Service Providers Leamington

Leamington is the second-largest municipality in Essex County, Ontario, with an estimated 29,000 residents. The beautiful community of Leamington is located just 45 minutes from the Windsor/Detroit international border, providing convenient business access to millions of US residents.

Leamington is a popular community for retirees who are attracted by the weather, low home prices and population, and great recreational facilities. These include Point Pelee National Park, which features unique flora and fauna not found elsewhere in Canada; and Pelee Island, which is a short ferry ride away and makes for a wonderful escape on a summer afternoon.

Leamington also has good access to various important social amenities, including three high schools — public, Catholic, and private — numerous public and separate schools, churches of many denominations, a fully equipped hospital, family health care, a transit system, a balanced retail sector, and an excellent public library.

Leamington has one of the finest municipal marinas — with 350 public berths — in Ontario and a modern recreational complex featuring both Olympic and NHL approved ice surfaces. A wide range of housing options is available and new housing is being constructed in several quiet residential sections of town.

Seacliff Park, with its abundance of old growth trees, provides a tranquil setting for picnics or a beach getaway. The park is also home to Leamington’s annual Tomato Festival, held the third weekend in August. The festival presents a variety of events to celebrate Leamington’s long association with tomatoes.

What’s Available in Leamington?

Business and Development in Leamington

Whether you want to live or do business in Leamington, the community has a unique profile: a flourishing and lively urban setting bordered by traditional greenhouses and regular agricultural crops. The agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting industry are the major employers in Leamington, providing jobs to more people in that industry than the nearby and much larger city of Windsor.

The region’s single greenhouse area is considered bigger than the whole U.S. greenhouse industry joined together. Produce grown includes tomatoes, seedless cucumbers, and peppers, which are mainly reserved for markets in the US.

There are also an estimated 1,500 acres of greenhouses in the surrounding area, which have made the industry technologically sophisticated, in addition to employing the locals and attracting new investment. Immigrants to the area form the bedrock of the greenhouse industry with the next generation expanding into new technologies bringing the industry to a new level of success. In response, the municipal has expanded the water distribution system and the sewage treatment capacity to facilitate future expansion in the Leamington area while keeping costs down.

Tourism is also fast becoming a major economic earner, with attractions such as Point Pelee National Park, Pelee Island, the wine route, the migratory bird route, a world-class marina, wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, and a new, multi-use sports complex. Many local retailers and service businesses rely heavily on the healthy tourist industry for their livelihood. Leamington is a popular destination for the day tripper but also attracts a large number of tourists from Michigan and Ohio.

Cable Internet for the Home

Are you looking for the perfect Internet package for your home? Whether you’re browsing the web or watching videos on YouTube, our team can create a package that’s catered for your entire household.

We’re one of the top providers of cable Internet services for Leamington homeowners. All residential packages include unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast speeds, and no contracts.

Cable Internet for Businesses

If you already have a residential internet service package and are now considering getting the same for your business in Leamington, you will notice a considerable price difference between residential and commercial high-speed internet. There are several reasons why internet service providers price the packages differently, including:

  • Guaranteed uptime, bandwidth, and availability for businesses
  • Greater flexibility in configurations for businesses
  • Access to cloud services and data centre for businesses

Businesses should also expect a wider range of benefits to their connectivity agreement with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) compared to those available to residential customers, including:

  • Dedicated router and equipment
  • Bandwidth guarantees with ISP contention ratios
  • Static IP allocation for enhanced security, as well as a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Easy scale up options for speed, bandwidth, or cloud services
  • ISP service-level agreement for peace of mind

A recent study found that 60% of businesses lose their ability to access organizational data at least once a year, with 40% of the data outages lasting for at least four hours. But even one hour of technical downtime can lead to losses in the tens of thousands. Your company cannot afford to spend time and money waiting for your connection to get restored.

As new and existing businesses in Leamington pursue digital integration, a quality and stable business internet connection has become invaluable.

To learn more about our high-speed internet solutions in Leamington, call Netfox Communications at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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