Netfox is an IPTV provider that allows you to enjoy full HD digital television via your internet connection. By running the Netfox TV app, you get to enjoy watching channels that would originally only be available through satellite or fibre-optic cable connection.

The best part about using IPTV is the decreased cost compared to its competing viewing avenues. IPTV delivers a fantastic streaming experience while only costing a fraction of what satellite TV or cable would cost you.

When you choose Netfox as your IPTV provider, you are automatically exposed to 150 different channels to choose from and enjoy. You no longer have to wait to watch your favourite shows, and if you choose our internet service, you can benefit by watching whatever you want, at whatever time is most suitable for you.

Watch your favourite TV shows for LESS!

If you don’t want to go for the full channel package, you can always opt for the Skinny Basic and the Skinny Plus (+) options we have available. Our Skinny packages are smaller channel packages that cost less. You can choose to build up your favourite collection of channels from the list we initially give you.

Skinny TV is customized according to your location, and you can view the news channels that are more local to you. Our Skinny Basic Package is only $23.00 + tax monthly and gives you 27 popular channels to enjoy. The Skinny Plus (+) package offers 31 popular channels and only costs $33.00 +tax on a monthly basis. If you like sports, you can choose the Skinny Plus Premium which gives you the 31 channels from the Skinny Plus, as well as TSN's 1-5.

You can feel confident choosing Netfox as your IPTV and Skinny TV provider as we don’t have any hidden fees, and we allow you to cancel your plan at any time that is convenient for you. For more information on how you can set up IPTV contact NetFox here or call us at 877-542-9945

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Watch your favourite TV shows for LESS!

Netfox TV delivers a full HD digital television experience over your private Netfox service without cumbersome receivers to buy or manage, and without the hefty bill ‘the big guys’ charge for cable or satellite!

With Netfox TV you have up to 150 channels at your fingertips so you can watch what you want, when you want! Start with the Skinny Basic or Skinny Plus (+) Plans and build from there for your ultimate channel package! Check out our channel line-ups for our Skinny Basic and Skinny Plus (+) Plans below and learn about additional channels available to customize your channels even more!

Want to know even more reasons why you should choose Netfox TV? Continue reading for more information on the benefits of choosing Netfox TV for your home.

There are different Skinny packages for different areas so with channels like CTV and CBC you will get the one most local to you.

Skinny Basic Plan $23.00
$23.00 + tax Month to Month Rate • No hidden fees, Cancel or Change Anytime
  • ABC
  • AMI
  • AMI Audio
  • AMI TV
  • APTN
  • ASN
  • CBC French
  • CBC
  • CBS
  • CHCH
  • Citytv
  • CPAC
  • CPAC French
  • CTV
  • CTV Two
  • CTV Two
  • Fox
  • Global
  • NBC
  • OMNI 1
  • PBS
  • RDIt
  • TFO
  • The Weather Network
  • TV5
  • TVA
  • UNIS
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Skinny Plus (+) Plan $33.00
$33.00 + tax Month to Month Rate • No hidden fees, Cancel or Change Anytime
  • Sportsnet 360
  • ESPN Classic
  • CP24
  • BBC World News
  • CNN
  • Forum News
Time Shift
  • ABC Seattle
  • CBS Seattle
  • FOX Tacoma
  • NBC Seattle
  • PBS Vancouver
  • CityTv Vancouver
  • CTV Vancouver
  • CBC Vancouver
  • CTV Two Alberta
  • CTV Two Victoria
  • Global Vancouver
  • OMNI Vancouver
  • YesTV Calgary
  • CTV Halifax
  • Treehouse
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon
  • Boomerang
  • Knowledge Network
  • Much Music
  • CTV Life (Fmr. Gusto)
  • ONE Get Fit
  • OMNI 2
  • Rewind
  • Silver Screen
  • Country Music TV
  • Vision
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Skinny Plus Premium Plan $38.00

Everything in the Skinny Plus Package along with TSN 1-5

$38.00 + tax Month to Month Rate • No hidden fees, Cancel or Change Anytime

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Customize your channels to create your ultimate channel package!
Month to Month Rate • No hidden fees, Cancel or Change Anytime
Sportsnet 360 Standalone - $7.00 / month
Sportsnet Package - $18.00 / month
HBO Special (HBO & CRAVE 1-4) $15.00 / month OR HBO, Crave & Starz $20.00 / month
WWE Network $15.00/month

Pick 5 channels for only $15.00/month or one channel for $3.00/month

  • A Side
  • A&E
  • ABC Spark
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC Earth
  • BBC World News
  • BNN
  • Boomerang
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Cottage Life
  • CP 24
  • Crime+Investigation
  • Crowsnest
  • CTV Drama (Fmr. Bravo)
  • CTV Life (Fmr. Gusto)
  • CTV Sci-Fi (Fmr. Space)
  • Dejaview
  • Discovery Channel
  • Discovery Science
  • Disney Jr
  • Disney XD
  • DIY (Do it Yourself)
  • Documentary Channel
  • ESPN Classic
  • Food HD
  • FX Canada
  • FYI
  • Game Show Network
  • Golf Channel
  • H2
  • HGTV
  • HiFi
  • History
  • Lifetime
  • Love Nature
  • MAV TV
  • Movietime
  • MTV
  • MuchMusic
  • National Geographic
  • NBA
  • Nickelodeon
  • OMNI 2
  • ONE Get Fit
  • Outdoor Life
  • OWN
  • PBS
  • Peachtree
  • Showcase
  • Slice
  • Smithsonian
  • Sportsman Channel
  • Teletoon East
  • TLC
  • Travel + Escape
  • Treehouse
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • Vision TV
  • W Network
  • World Fishing Network
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Why choose Netfox TV for your home?

Netfox TV

Adding Netfox TV to your internet plan is a snap. Netfox TV provides endless hours of amazing and affordable entertainment.

  • Watch LIVE TV – News! Sports! RealityTV!
  • Pause LIVE TV (snack time!)
  • PVR Recording. Never miss an episode. Like ever.
  • Record up to 6 shows simultaneously.
  • Record an entire series with one click.
  • Store up to 240 hours of HD content.
  • One PVR HD Receiver Included.


What are you waiting for?! Contact us today to revisit the silver screen and bring the art of digital TV to your home with Netfox TV!

Some Things are Meant to be Together.
  • Add Digital Phone with unlimited long distance
  • Single Phone Line Only $14.95
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