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When you think of traditional landlines, it’s easy to picture a clunky receiver and keypad that don’t do much except make and receive calls — and an answering machine would just be a bonus. Traditional phones had a very straightforward function, and by the time that cell phones became smart enough to seamlessly integrate calling and messaging functions with internet connectivity, your landlines considered themselves replaced.

A digital phone system does so much more than that. Packed with the basics of calling that you grew up with and loved, digital home phones are now also built with advanced voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and speed dialing features! These great features are all supported by your high-speed internet connection, so you can forget the ‘land’ in landlines — because there’s nothing traditional about making and answering calls on these revolutionary new home phones.


Netfox Digital Home Phone system is your ticket to saying goodbye to your traditional phone company and immediately start saving serious money. Loaded with features, our Home Phone system works on your existing high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, Wireless) and comes with unlimited Canada long distance!¹

  • Replace your existing line
  • Add a whole 2nd line for the cost of an unlimited long distance plan
  • Bring your own device! Currently we only support Grandstream ATA’s.
  • FREE Canadian Local Number, or keep your existing number**
  • Unlimited Canadian Long Distance¹

*We have Digital Phone Adapters for $49.95 + tax + $10.00 for shipping, or you can bring your own device. Port your existing number for free when you purchase the adapter through us! ($20.00 savings)

¹ Unlimited Canada Long Distance plans exclude calls to Yukon & NWT at 18¢ per minute

Unlimited Canada/US Long Distance plans exclude calls to Alaska & Hawaii at 18¢ per minute

  • Includes Advanced Voicemail, Message Waiting Indication, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Find me/Follow me, Speed Dialing
  • Unlimited Canada Long Distance!¹
  • Bring your own device or purchase one through us*
  • **Free local number, or bring your existing number for $20.00
  • See our Great International Rates
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  • Includes Advanced Voicemail, Message Waiting Indication, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Find me/Follow me, Speed Dialing
  • Unlimited Canada & US Long Distance!¹
  • Bring your own device or purchase one through us*
  • **Free local number, or bring your existing number for $20.00
  • See our Great International Rates
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    • Uses your existing analog phones
    • Local Numbers currently available for ON, QC, NS, BC & AB
    • FREE Canadian Local Number, or keep your existing number*
    • Unlimited Canadian Long Distance
    • Advanced Voicemail, Message Waiting Indication, Call Waiting, Caller Forwarding, Find me/Follow me, Speed Dialing Includes 911
    • Super easy setup- simply plug your phone into the special adapter, the adapter into your router and you’re ready to start calling!

    *There is a one time charge of $20.00 to port your existing number to our network. Port your existing number for free when you purchase the adapter through us! ($20.00 savings)

  • FAQ

    1. How do I plug in my device without a router?

    Before you begin, you need to know what type of internet connection you are using; cable or DSL. Cable Internet Instructions 1. Connect the Netfox Home Phone device WAN port to your ethernet port on your modem. 2. Connect the power adapter to the Netfox Home Phone device. 3. Connect a phone to the Netfox Home Phone device. 4. Turn the power off on your modem, wait 10 seconds, turn the power back on. 5. Wait 5 mins, while the Netfox Home Phone is configuring itself (you should see the WAN and LAN lights flashing in sync during this period) 6. Pick up the phone and make a call. DSL Internet Instructions

    IMPORTANT: Before you begin you must know your DSL Username and Password and Primary DNS Server information (PPPoE user name and password), this information is available from your Internet Service Provider. 1. Connect your PC/Laptop ethernet cable to the LAN port on the Netfox Home Phone device. 2. Connect the power adapter to the Netfox Home Phone device. 3. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer). 4. In the address bar on your browser type and then press enter. 5. At the login screen use the password “admin” 6. Click on Basic Settings. 7. elect Use PPPoE. 8. Enter your username in the PPPoE username box. 9. Enter your password in the PPPoE password box. 10. Enter the name of your service provider in the PPPoE Service Name. 11. Enter the Primary DNS server in the Preferred DNS server boxes. 12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update. 13. Plug your DSL modem ethernet cable into the WAN port of the Netfox Home Phone device. 14. Click Reboot. 15. Turn the power off on your modem, wait 10 secons, turn the power back on. 16. Wait 5 mins, while the Netfox Home Phone is configuring itself (you should see the WAN and LAN lights flashing in sync during this period) 17. Pick up the phone and make a call.

    2. How do I wire my home telephone line for use with the Netfox Home Phone?

    One way to use the Netfox Home Phone on multiple phones is to modify the existing telephone wiring in your home to distribute the Netfox Home Phone service to all of your phone jacks. Then you can plug a regular telephone into any jack and make a call. This option works best if you own your own single-family home. If you live in an apartment or a multiple-family dwelling, chances are your landlord and neighbors will not want you to alter your building’s telephone lines. It is not very difficult to modify your home phone wiring, but it helps if you are handy around the house and have a basic understanding of telephone wiring. When using home wiring, Netfox Home Phone supports up to 1000 feet of wiring per line.

    IMPORTANT: Because you are dealing with lines that carry voltage, there’s always a risk of causing a fire or damage to your phone lines and equipment. If you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, you should hire a professional electrician or telephone technician to do the job instead. It is important to understand that by modifying your telephone wiring to distribute Netfox Home Phone throughout your home, you will be totally disconnecting yourself from the phone company. But the process is completely reversible. So if you sell your house in the future, for example, you can restore your old phone configuration with minimal difficulty. If you plan to Porting your phone number to Netfox Home Phone, you must wait for that process to complete before you begin rewiring your house.

    Instructions Step One – Isolate Your Inside Wiring

    IMPORTANT: To re-wire your home for Netfox Home Phone, you first need to isolate your inside phone wiring from the lines that come into your house from the phone company. This is a step you shouldn’t skip, even if you think your phone line is already dead. If you don’t isolate your inside wiring, and the phone company decides to send voltage across the line you thought was dead, it could damage the telephone equipment inside your house or worse, cause a fire. To isolate your inside wiring, perform the following steps: 1.To begin, find the box on the outside of your house where the telephone lines come into your house from the street. This is called the Network Interface Device (NID). It’s the legal demarcation point where the outside wiring from the street (owned by the telephone company) meets the wiring inside your house (owned by you). When you open the box, which is usually locked or fastened with a screw, you will have access to the side containing the wires going into your home, but not the side with the lines coming from the street. You’ll also see a ground wire coming out of the phone company’s side of the box. This wire protects you against lightning strikes, so make sure you never disconnect it. 2.Once you’ve opened your side of the NID, you’ll see one or more sets of screw terminals inside. Each will have a short piece of telephone wire coming out of it with a phone connector on the end plugged into a corresponding jack. If there’s only one line coming into your house, you’ll most likely have only one set of screw terminals. To disconnect from the phone company, simply unplug each of the short telephone wires from its corresponding jack. 3.Next, you need to make it obvious to others that you’ve unplugged the wires on purpose and they shouldn’t undo your modifications without risking damage to your inside equipment. Start by wrapping the end of each of the telephone wires you just unplugged with electrical tape so it can’t be plugged back in without unwrapping the tape. Then, clearly label the inside of the box with a message that says something like: “Do not reconnect! May cause damage to inside equipment!” A sign written or printed in waterproof ink and taped inside the box works well. No matter how you choose to label the box, be sure it is obvious, clear, and easy to read. 4.Once you’ve clearly labeled the inside of the NID, close and refasten the box. Then, just to be safe, label the outside of the box as well. To be extra safe, you can also wrap a cord or nylon tie-wrap around the box so it can’t be opened without cutting it. Remember, to avoid damage, you want to make it as inconvenient as possible for someone to change what you’ve done without your knowledge.

    Step Two – Confirm the Line is Disconnected

    IMPORTANT: After you’ve isolated your wiring from the phone company’s, it’s important to confirm the line is disconnected before installing Netfox Home Phone. Go back into your house and pick up a phone that’s plugged into a jack that previously worked. You should hear absolutely nothing; the line should be totally dead. If the line’s not dead, go back and check your work. If your work looks correct and the line’s still not dead, it means that voltage is somehow still being carried on the line and it’s not safe for you to proceed any further. Consult a professional electrician or telephone technician for help.

    Step Three – Connect Your Phone Adapter

    If you’ve successfully isolated your wiring and you’ve confirmed the line is dead, the hard part’s over. It’s time to connect to Netfox Home Phone! Simply plug your DSL/cable modem into the Netfox Home Phone phone adapter. Then plug your phone adapter into any telephone jack using a standard telephone cord. Finally, plug regular phones into the other jacks in your house. Telephone jacks are wired in parallel, so when you plug your phone adapter into any working jack, it will spread the signal to the other jacks in your home. Like any telephone line, there is a limit to the number of phones you can connect to a single Netfox Home Phone line. If too many phones are connected, the signal will fade, and not all of the phones will ring when a call comes in. Therefore, we recommend you only connect five phones maximum to a single Netfox Home Phone line.

    3. How does Call Waiting work?

    If you are on the phone when another call comes in, a tone will sound, enabling you to answer the second call. If you choose not to answer the second call, it will be forwarded (if forwarding is enabled) otherwise it will be answered by voicemail (if enabled). If you use Caller ID, the caller’s phone number will appear in the display before you answer the second call. Call waiting is enabled by default.

    4. How does 3-Way Calling work?

    Instructions for 3-way conference: Assume that call party A and B are in conversation. Caller A (Netfox Home Phone) wants to bring third Caller C into the conference: 1.A presses FLASH (on the analog phone, or Hook Flash for old model phones) to get a dial tone. 2.A dials C’s number then # (or wait for 4 seconds). 3.If C answers the call, then A presses FLASH to bring B, C in the conference. 4.If C does not answer the call, A can press FLASH back to talk to B. 5.If A presses FLASH during conference, C will be dropped out. 6.If A hangs up, the conference will be terminated for all three parties when configuration “Transfer on Conference Hangup” is set to “No”. If the configuration is set to “Yes”, A will transfer B to C so that B and C can continue the conversation.

    5. How does 911 work with your service?

    In order to be able to use the 911 dialing services in cases of emergency you must be registered as a certified user. A certified user means Netfox can and will be able to verify that all registration information is correct and up-to-date at any given time. As a result the 911 dialed call can be routed appropriately to dispatch, and will coincide with your current location. The 911 dialed calls will end up with a dispatcher who will be located at either the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) or will be routed to the local emergency service personnel center, which is selected based upon the address you listed at the time you subscribed and/or updated for the Netfox Home Phone service. Netfox Home Phone 911 dialing service will not function in the event of a Gateway failing or is not configured correctly or if your Netfox Home Phone service is not functioning for any reason, including, but not limited to, in the event of a power outage, broadband service outage, or suspension or disconnection of your service because of billing issues. If there is a power outage, you may be required to reset or reconfigure the gateway prior to being able to use the service, including for 911 dialing purposes.

    6. How do I activate voicemail?

    Each Netfox Home Phone comes with voicemail already activated, to change your personal options press *98 on your phone, then press 3 for Personal Options.

    7. How does Caller ID work?

    Know who is calling you before you answer the phone. When your phone rings, the phone number of the person calling you will show in your Caller ID enabled phone display. It also works with call waiting, and will show the caller’s phone number as the call waiting tone sounds.

    8. How do I keep my existing number?

    When you order your Netfox Digital Phone service choose the option to ‘Port’ your existing number and we’ll do the rest. A $20.00 one time fee applies for porting numbers.

    9. Can I use my own ATA device? (Adapter)

    To keep our product as simple as possible, we preprogram our adapters with all the necessary info to get you connected. If reset, they revert back to our original programming. Our units cannot be used with another providers service and we do not give out the SIP information.

    10. Can I use a softphone?

    Yes you can use our service with a softphone. All you require is your SIP username and password.

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