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Cornwall, Ontario, is a city in the east of the province which is home to over 46,000. The city is an epicentre for the Canadian call center industry and many people have moved to the area recently due to its fast-paced economic growth. Cornwall residents can now turn to our team at Netfox for the latest high-speed Internet options. Whether you’re operating a business in the city or you’re looking for an Internet package for your family home, Netfox has the ideal products and service options.

What’s available in Cornwall?

How Our Services Benefit You

At Netfox, we’ve put together a selection of services that rivals the biggest and best companies in the industry today. Our selection includes options that will help you achieve a reliable Internet connection as well as fast speeds and direct access to all of your entertainment services. Clients across Cornwall just Netfox for:

Our Commitment to Communication

Achieving crystal clear communication with our clients across the community is of vital importance. We work to ensure you understand your service options and have the information you need to make effective choices for the long-term future. We employ trained technicians and sales staff to answer our phones and address your questions. This means you’re never more than a phone call away from a clear solution to your technical issues.

Our Affordable Pricing

We understand that your budget is limited. You don’t have all the money in the world to spend on Internet services for your home or business, so you must be selective. We’re now offering you access to the best selection of affordable Internet plans offered anywhere in the marketplace. Our plans are designed so that you can choose the right plan for you at a price you can afford. And there’s no fineprint. All our pricing details are included upfront so you know exactly how much you’ll pay and when your bill is due. It’s a method of doing business that has helped Netfox grow to become a leader in Canada’s telecommunications industry.

Our No-Contract Services

While other companies in the industry tie you down to rigid contracts, we’ll provide you with the flexibility you need to choose the Internet services you want. If you want to upgrade your service or change to a different plan in the future, you can simply call us to let us know, and then pay off your current month before making the switch. The process is simple and means you can get the Internet service you need. This is ideal for growing companies, for example, because it allows for scalable Internet services that grow with your organization.

A Guide to Our Service Range

Now you know a little more about the benefits of our services, but what do our services actually include? Here’s a quick sampling of our service options in Cornwall.

High-Speed Internet for Businesses

We offer the best-value high-speed Internet services for your company. Each element of our service is designed to ensure that your business runs smoothly and its Internet connection remains strong and reliable. We also offer some of the most affordable Internet services for business in the Cornwall marketplace. We work with owners of growing companies to help them save money on their connection to the Internet and offer a range of speed levels to deliver the right service at the right price for each individual business owner.

IPTV Services

Our IPTV services will deliver the latest shows direct to your home in ultra high definition. Our easy-to-use Netfox app can be downloaded for either Apple TV or your Android box and will allow you to choose from a range of local and national programming options. From the latest movies to your local news updates, you’ll get it all through the Netfox app when you sign up to our affordable IPTV service.

High-Speed Internet for Your Home

Your family needs to be able to access the Internet and connect via various devices in the home. Make sure you have the most reliable connection offered in the local marketplace. Choose our services at Netfox for your home Internet requirements. We offer a broad range of packages for all types of Internet usage. Whether you have a busy family household in which every person has their own device or you’re a professional simply looking to unwind after a hard day with a movie, we can help you select the best service package.

Ready to discuss the options? Call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here to discuss your internet options in Cornwall.


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