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It’s no secret that you need internet you can count on at home. The question is, what’s the best option for your needs? The days of dial-up internet belong in a distant past, and in their place is the demand for ultra-fast, reliable WiFi. You need to be connected whether you’re in the kitchen or on the couch, and connectivity that you can count on across multiple devices — from your smartphone to smart TV, computer, tablet, and even wearable devices.

Netfox offers high-speed internet at a cost that won’t rack up your monthly expenses. Because wherever you are, you deserve the best that a strong internet connection has to offer — whether you’re constantly streaming on Netflix, keeping up with loved ones, staying up-to-date on the world around, and working on your passion projects in the comfort of your home. Here are just a few things we can promise, at Netfox:

  • Surf, share, and stream or download with a reliable high-speed connection
  • No contracts, so you can easily upgrade, change, or cancel your plan anytime
  • No hidden charges, so no surprises when you get the bill
  • Choose from a range of speeds from 15Mbps up to 300Mbps
  • Use your own modem and router, or get one from us

Some Things are Meant to be Together.

  • Add Digital Phone with unlimited long distance
  • Single Phone Line Only $14.95
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