11th May 2019

How good is that deal, really?

Before you get too excited at the ‘great deal’ that big telco offered you to go back to them for and cancel your service with your third party ISP, make sure to ask yourself a few key questions before committing.

1. Why did you leave them in the first place?

The biggest complaint we hear when customers jump ship from the big guys is how much they’re paying; often 2 or 3 times what they would be paying with us. While they sometimes manage to retain some of these customers by offering them deep discounts to stay, they often come with a contract that will cost you if you again decide to leave within a 2 year period. And often it’s not even as good a price as the third party company is offering, but there is no longer enough of a savings to ‘go through the hassle’ of switching.

Remember this: we purchase wholesale circuits and bandwidth from these big telco’s and resell them to you; so if we can afford to charge 70% or 80% less than them and still make money, how much are they making off you when they charge you so much more directly? It’s no wonder they can offer these discounts, their costs are even lower than ours.

2. Is that discount REALLY guaranteed?

When getting enticed into one of these ‘great deals’, people often cite that they’re only paying X dollars per month and it’s guaranteed for 2 years etc…. But on closer inspection of the small print, they see that what they’re actually getting is a discount off the regular price guaranteed for the term; but the the telco can still increase the base price of the package as often as they wish. So much for your guaranteed pricing.

3. Will you really get better service?

A 50Mbps connection is a 50Mbps connection regardless of who you are with. Yes, there are some third party companies that oversell their circuits resulting in slower speeds (no, we are not one of them) and they are usually identifiable by offering rates at deep discounts to reputable third party ISP’s. But one of the stories your big telco will tell you is that OUR 50Mbps connection will disconnect frequently, not be fast etc. you name it. Just remember these people you are talking to are strictly sales people and make a commission whenever you sign up, and lose money if you cancel on their call. We’ve heard stories from customers and these agents will say ANYTHING to get you to sign up or stay and there seems to be no accountability for their actions.

There are good and bad ISP’s out there and all you can do is do your research to find one. Canadian ISP is an excellent resource to compare pricing and read user reviews of the various third party ISP’s across Canada to help you make an informed decision.

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