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High Speed Internet Service Providers WindsorWindsor is located in Essex County, southwestern Ontario, just across the Detroit River where it borders the city of Detroit.

Windsor is nicknamed the “Automotive Capital of Canada”, since it makes a significant contribution to the nation’s automotive industry. In fact, Chrysler’s Canadian headquarters are based here. Generally, the growth and development of the city has been largely attributed to the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Founded as a predominantly French agricultural community in the 18th century, Windsor has now become a rich cultural city, with 20% of its population having settled here from outside Canada. As a result, there are Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern neighbourhoods in the City of Windsor. Proximity to the United States implies that international cooperation for local resources is sometimes necessary. The International Joint Commission has existed since 1909 to manage joint concerns regarding water quality and management, as well as other issues such as air quality.

Business and Development

Windsor’s economy mostly depends on agriculture, manufacturing, education, tourism, and municipal services. It is one of the major manufacturing centres in Canada, despite recent global economic hardships, with a number of automotive facilities based here.

Agriculture represents one of the largest drivers of the local economy. The farming and agriculture industry thrives in Windsor because of the vast amount of farmland and large number of greenhouses that exist in the area.

Efforts to diversify the local economy in Windsor are ongoing. Projects taking advantage of the area’s considerable skilled labour force are being encouraged, and new business areas, such as renewable energy, have been the focus of much attention for local business development organizations. This focus on renewable energy is expected to replace many of the automotive jobs that have left the community.

Ten industry groups that hold the potential to increase the economic health of the city and region include:

  • Advanced manufacturing;
  • Automotive manufacturing;
  • Renewable energy and related technologies;
  • Creative industries/digital medias;
  • Agri-business;
  • Health and life sciences;
  • Professional services;
  • Education;
  • Logistics/warehousing;
  • Tourism.

Residents of Windsor are fortunate enough to live in what is considered the “richest consumer market in the world,” where almost 10% of the North American population lives within a 10-hour drive. The location of Windsor-Essex County (WEC) gives it a unique economic importance. WEC is part of a major international transportation hub, which sees goods and people travel through the area to reach major markets such as New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

The presence of international border crossings means that WEC has quick access to American markets and receives many travelers heading to other destinations. Within the City of Windsor, there are 2,800 acres of green area within 215 parks. Different parks in the city offer different attractions, such as sculptures, fountains, sport fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

The abundance of parks and green spaces in and around Windsor allow residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. There is also one of the biggest annual festivals in the region, the Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, which starts in mid-June and is held at the Windsor Riverfront, at the base of Caesars Windsor. This demonstrates a diverse set of opportunities for economic expansion in WEC.

Business Competitive Advantage with Superfast Internet

Fibre optic technology can be considered the internet technology of the future as it uses wireless communications that was initially built by the military for uninterrupted engagement during adverse weather conditions. Today, the technology has been refocused and is offered to businesses looking for faster, affordable, and secure business broadband.

Unlike traditional broadband that used telephone wiring to push shared broadband on a long, less direct journey, which resulted in slower speeds and less stability especially during peak hours, Fiber internet bypasses diverted journeys through wires and exchanges, giving you impressive speed and service to advance your business internet engagements.

Since it eliminates the dependence on copper wires or restricted speeds depending on your proximity to the exchange, fibre optic technologies offer various advantages to businesses, including:

  • Futureproof wireless communication technology that gives you the ability to choose your speed rather than being stuck with the bandwidth available in your region.
  • Fast deployment, as you don’t have to wait until the providers have set up the wiring. Once the infrastructure is in place, it only takes a few days to be fully operational.
  • You can have any speed and data capacity that you find fit for your business without being limited by the resources of your provider or proximity to the exchange.
  • Considering that you will be using wireless communication, the quality of material or copper wire used is completely irrelevant.
  • Quick, trouble-free installation and flexible service, which makes it easy to upgrade your speed when the need arises as per your business needs.

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