Trenton is a big unincorporated community in Quinte West municipality, Southern Ontario. It is situated at the starting point for the 386 km Trent-Severn Waterway that continues to Peterborough in the northwest until Port Severn on Georgian Bay.

Trenton was incorporated as a city in 1980, before being consolidated with the Village of Frankford, as well as with Townships of Sidney and Murray to form Quinte West. Currently, about 50% of Quinte West’s population resides in Trenton; this makes it the biggest community in the municipality and one of the largest unincorporated settlements in the province.

The most popular recreation activity in Trenton is sport fishing, with the most common freshwater fish in the Trent River being pike, perch, pickerel (walleye), bass, and mudcat; though it’s also possible to catch some rainbow trout and salmon at certain times of the year. Other activities include golfing at the Trenton Golf Club and the Kiwanis Walleye World Fishing Derby, which is organized by the Kiwanis Club of Trenton. This event attracts sport fishermen from across North America.

What’s available in Trenton?

Business and Development

Trenton serves as a terminus on the Trent-Severn waterway, which is a canal system stretching to Peterborough.

Trenton is also home to the biggest air force camp in the country. As a result, the city serves mostly military flights, with scheduled passenger offers being serviced by Trenton Junction, Greyhound, and Coach Canada or Megabus.

Naturally, the Canadian Forces Base is one of the top employers in Trenton, as it serves as a facility for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s transport and search and rescue operations. Other major employers in the city include Nestle, DECA Cables, Trenton Cold Storage, Pentair Thermal Controls, McKesson Canada, and Global Med, Inc.

Tourism is also a major economic earner for the city, with great revenues coming from activities associated with sport fishing. There are also many conservation areas surrounding Trenton, as well as picnic grounds, campsites, YMCA, and marinas. Residents also have access to nine golf courses, bowling, walking trails, a dog park, three ice hockey rinks, many soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and curling rinks, among other recreational activities.

Trenton is home to the National Air Force Museum of Canada. And if you make your way to Prince Edward County to the south of the Bay of Quinte, you can access other recreational activities including boating, camping, beaches, and vineyards.

Trenton Business Internet Connectivity

Business internet is the technological cornerstone of modern businesses in Trenton. When looking for business internet providers in Trenton, a simple Google search will reveal many different businesses, including local, national, and international telecommunications companies.
Among the factors that you need to consider when choosing an ISP is the size of the company, which could be an indicator of their experience, but this may also affect the cost and quality of service.

Whether working with a Trenton-based ISP or an international provider, your experience will depend on:

  • The provider’s experience.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • The ability to offer personalized service versus faceless engagement.

While many organizations consider the size of an ISP before making their choice, it’s important to keep in mind that their experience will also be greatly affected by their values and culture. Beyond that, you should consider:

Scale and resources:

National ISPs tend to have more resources and extensive networks than local providers. On the other hand, local ISPs give you easy access to their technologically savvy and knowledgeable staff, who may not be readily available when working with a national ISP. So make sure to research the customer service reputation of each prospective ISP.

Network and coverage:

Does your business need to leverage the sprawling infrastructure and coverage of national internet service providers? Or is working with a locally-based ISP sufficient? You should understand your current business needs while considering your expected growth in the next few years.

Company structure:

It’s important to find out whether a prospective ISP outsources their technical support or provides direct account management for their clients.

Backup service:

Technological failures and information security attacks can be just as devastating. The key to safeguarding your business against risks and downtime is backup connectivity. Make sure your ISP sets up your organization’s backup wireless connectivity, so it works seamlessly to protect you against technical failures and outages. In the event that your main connection goes down, the secondary unit should kick into action with minimal disruption to your operations.

Trenton Home Internet

High-speed Internet isn’t just for businesses —- your household can, and should, benefit from it too. That’s why Trenton residents are turning to Netfox for their home Internet service. Whether you enjoy playing online games or simply browsing the web, our team of tech-savvy experts can help you find a fully customizable Internet package that’s right for your home and needs.

When working with the Netfox Communications team, we make sure to provide all the internet service solutions that your business and home needs by starting each project with a thorough understanding of your operations and needs.Contact us today for custom business and home internet service solutions in Trenton.


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