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The small town of Prescott is located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario. The town is home to about 4,000 people, who can access both Ottawa and Kingston in as little as one hour.

What’s available in Prescott?

Situated along the amazing St. Lawrence River, Prescott is quite a majestic riverfront. The town is nicknamed “Fort Town” because of the national historic site of Fort Wellington. It was a strategic military site to protect the Canadian border against the French and American invasions.

The town’s pride in its past has allowed it to maintain a number of historically significant buildings and residences to showcase the early colonization that marked the beginning of Prescott. In addition to its heritage, Prescott also takes pride in its vibrant arts and culture scene. The Shakespeare Festival held every summer draws thousands of visitors to the town for a successful season at the Kinsmen Amphitheatre. The festival is accompanied by a regional tour that features Shakespeare Gardens as one of nine other area gardens.

The new RiverWalk Park connects with the amphitheatre, the Marina, and the trail system to provide the public with more green space and waterfront for maximum enjoyment.

Business and Development

The economy of a community is an important determinant of the overall health and well-being of its residents. Monies generated in the community are used to fund many of the services that we depend on and often take for granted. For example, the development of urban and rural areas, funding of education, housing, recreation, and essential services (such as police, fire, and emergency services), and improving the overall quality of life for residents. A vibrant community economy also creates more job opportunities.

Currently, the town is experiencing more economic growth and investments driven by the private sector, which is a testament to the community’s pride and true love in their home. The economic prospects of Prescott are very promising. With its strategic location along three major highways, close proximity to major urban centres, and an international border, Prescott is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

Reliable Home Internet Service

Finding reliable home internet service in Prescott can seem difficult at times. However, with Netfox, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Netfox gives a variety of options for families to choose from that works best for their lifestyle and budget. Because of this, you and your family can save on monthly expenses and save up for the more important things in your life. You can find the best option that fits your budget while not sacrificing quality internet service.

Leverage Your Business Internet Service

In some cases, simply upgrading your business internet may not be the best solution for your existing business needs. Perhaps it’s more important for you to consolidate your internet and voice networks by taking up VoIP (voice-over-IP) internet phone service and single-provider data or shift to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service).

Recently, many organizations have been adopting UCaaS as a way to address some of the key concerns brought about by a multi-vendor communications network. By consolidating, you can eliminate challenges associated with intricate troubleshooting, multiple bills, scaling difficulty, and complex performance issues, and in the process, boost your business digital transformation process.

There are many benefits of combining your internet and voice services with a single provider and taking up cloud-based communication tools, including:

  • Simpler billing
  • Lower costs
  • Easier support
  • Fast access to cloud-based technologies
  • Superior network performance

When choosing a business internet service, some of the most important considerations are speed, bandwidth, cost, and quality of customer service. However, there is one other crucial factor that is just as important, and that is uptime and backup connectivity, or business continuity management.

About 70 percent of small and mid-sized businesses that experience technical failures that result in data loss tend to close shop within a year after such an incident. The consequences of technological failures and information security attacks can be just as devastating. The key to protecting your business in Port Hope against technological risks and downtime is backup connectivity.

In many cases, your internet service provider is the one in charge of setting up your organization’s backup wireless connectivity, so it works seamlessly to safeguard you against outages and technical disasters. In the unfortunate event that your main connection goes down, the secondary unit should take over immediately with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Setting up a backup for your business internet operations is not as complicated or costly as many organizations think, especially if you think about the immense benefits of backup connectivity and risk reduction that include: confidence in reliable business internet for peace of mind; protection against lost productivity and revenue; remote site solutions in the event of incident-related outages; lower risk of reputational damage; and continuous connectivity through failures and other disruptions.

For the Netfox Communications team, the process begins with a site survey to ensure that your equipment is placed in an area that is protected and receives a strong signal. Next, our experts develop customized backup plans depending on your unique needs, risks, and other personal factors. After completion of the planning stage, we begin to install on-site equipment using solutions to safeguard against failure.

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