Reliable Internet Service in Picton

Picton is a picturesque community in Ontario’s famous Prince Edward County. Located along the northern shoreline of Lake Ontario, Picton is Canada’s largest community and one of the nation’s most popular vacation destinations. The region is frequently visited by Torontonians looking for an upscale country escape. Both tourists and locals especially enjoy the abundance of nature and a wide range of dining and entertainment options.

What’s available in Picton?

Community and Culture in Picton

Because Picton tends to draw a lot of big-city residents, its downtown district has been transformed over the years into a vibrant and welcoming community. The tourism industry is a major source of income for local business owners. Picton’s BIA represents more than 200 commercial properties. Here you’ll find a variety of upscale restaurants, boutique shopping experiences and unique accommodations. It’s no wonder why Picton continues to serve as Prince Edward County’s economic hub, and why residents take pride in the community they’ve built over the years.

Nature-lovers particularly enjoy visiting Sandbanks Provincial Park, which features some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Some common activities include camping, boating and hiking along the park’s extensive nature trails.

Choosing Netfox for Internet Connectivity

Whether you manage a sprawling winery along the shoreline or own a charming B&B in nearby Cherry Hill, one thing’s for sure: A reliable Internet connection is crucial for life in Picton. Both business owners and residents in Prince Edward County are ditching the national ISPs in favour of local providers like Netfox.

Our company allows flexible access to a variety of Internet packages at prices everyone can afford. And unlike national ISPs that often lock you into unreasonable commitments, Netfox operates on a no-contract policy. This not only ensures our customers get what they need, but it’s also an opportunity to reduce their overall Internet expenses.

Here are just some of the other benefits of signing up with Netfox:

Unlimited Bandwidth

This is a standard offering, even within our smallest plans. Never worry about running out of data when downloading your favourite blockbusters or trying to share photos with family and friends. Big ISPs only offer limitless data to high-paying customers. But at Netfox, we make this feature available to every customer.

Experienced Technicians

Our Picton clients can have confidence knowing they’re well taken care of by our highly-qualified technicians. At Netfox, we take pride in knowing the latest Internet technology inside-out. Our team strives to provide personalized service to each of our clients, answering all their technical questions in a friendly and efficient manner. Have peace of mind knowing our tech-savvy staff is just a phone call away.

Internet Services in Picton

You can depend on Netfox for all your communications needs. Because it’s crucial to consider a company’s range of offerings before you commit, here’s a list of just some of the services we offer.

Cable Internet for Home

Many Picton residents agree that access to high-speed Internet is integral to a smooth household. From booking family vacations to paying off utility bills, homeowners need reliable Internet connectivity to get things done. We have residential packages specifically designed to meet the demands of busy families. And as mentioned earlier, each of our plans come with unlimited bandwidth. With Netfox, enjoy ultra-fast download speeds — without ever having to worry about running out data.


Netfox is also known in Picton for its innovative IPTV service. Access the very best in local and international programming — with no additional hardware. Netfox IPTV runs on an app that’s downloaded to your existing Apple TV or Roku. Enjoy more than 150 streaming channels, and even watch all the latest blockbusters — right from the comfort of your own home. Experience first-hand how Netfox is revolutionizing the TV viewing experience in Picton and beyond.

Business Phone

Doing business in Picton can often mean reaching out to Canadians across the country. That’s why it’s important to keep open all lines of communication. And this is where a reliable telephone connection comes into play. A digital phone system for your business is crucial to improving the customer journey. Netfox offers flexible plans for your business phone with packages ranging from just the essentials to top-tier enterprise features.

Business Phone

Going with a local Internet service provider may provide better coverage than signing up with a national firm. Even though the latter may have extensive networks and resources, localized ISPs like Netfox can offer more personalized service and tech-savvy staff. If you want reliable technology at affordable prices, count on Netfox for all your Internet needs.

For more information on connecting your home or business with high-speed Internet, call Netfox Communications at 1-877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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