Choose Netfox Services in Ontario

Internet Service Providers OntarioOntario is known as the economic hub of Canada. The province welcomes millions of new immigrants each year as new Canadians seek opportunity and growth in Ontario’s many thriving cities. Whether you choose to settle to the south in Niagara Falls or London, or the north in Sudbury or Thunder Bay, Ontario has something for all. For those across Ontario seeking out the best Internet services for their home or business, Netfox is now considered the local business leader.

Our team at Netfox continues to thrive by providing Ontarians the highest quality Internet services. We’re committed to supporting clients with the best value for their money over the long-term. Our commitment to affordable Internet options is highlighted by the following:

Ultra-Low Pricing

Each of the packages we offer to our home and business users is based on the lowest pricing in the Ontario marketplace. We understand the challenges you face in the current economy, and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with ultra-low pricing for Internet services. But just because our prices are low doesn’t mean you experience a low standard of service. We offer direct access to qualified support team members. We can answer any questions you have regarding your service and your Internet requirements.

No Contract Services

One of the leading challenges Ontarians face with their current telecommunications providers is contract disputes. It can be difficult to achieve the level of service you deserve when you’ve signed a long-term contract with your provider. We help you mitigate this issue by offering our services without contracts. This means you’re free to upgrade or choose another service once you’ve paid for this month’s service costs. It’s a level of flexibility that very few companies can provide.

Unlimited Data

You deserve unlimited data at a price that you can afford. That’s why we offer unlimited data for free in each of our Internet packages. It’s one of the main reasons many clients throughout Ontario are now switching their home and business Internet connections to Netfox. Whether you choose our lowest priced package or one of our more popular high-speed options, you get unlimited data. This means that when you choose a Netfox package, you never have to spend more on data again. Make sure you consult with our team to find out which of our service packages best suits your needs.

Our Service Range

Now you know a little more about Netfox and the benefits of turning to our services for your Internet requirements. Let’s explore our service range in greater detail.

Cable Internet for Businesses

When you’re running a business, you require access to a reliable Internet connection around the clock. You need Internet services designed to protect your organization and ensure streamlined communication with your clients around the globe. Our expert team can help you choose the right Internet service for your business. We’ll answer your questions and provide you with clear answers about each of our business services.

Cable Internet for the Home

One of the most common challenges homeowners face in reducing the cost of their telecommunication services. We work with you to help you learn more about your options within the Ontario marketplace. Whether you’re looking for an Internet service that allows you to send a few emails per day and catch up on the latest news, or a service that allows you to connect regularly with family members via video calls and streaming, we can offer the best service across the province.


It’s the ideal time to cut the cable cord and turn to IPTV internet services. We can offer access to many channels through our Netfox app, which can be used on any Android or Apple TV device. Our app is easy to use and offers access to both national and local programming. It’s the best alternative to costly cable bills!

Choose Affordable Internet Services in Ontario

At Netfox, we’re now offering the ideal service to help you reduce the cost of selecting Internet for your home or business. There is no need to compromise on service quality or overspend on your budget, we’ll help you choose the right service at a cost you can easily afford.

To learn more about our company and the full range of services we offer throughout Ontario, call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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