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Oakville is a growing suburban town located in the Halton Region in Southern Ontario, halfway between Hamilton and Toronto. It is part of the Greater Toronto Area, and one of the most populated urban areas in Canada, with a population of about 195,000.

Oakville was ranked first place by MoneySense Magazine’s Best Place to Live 2018, owing to its welcoming population, strong job market, and access to education. Oakville’s high quality of life has attracted a community of talented, diverse, highly-educated professionals. When compared to surrounding regions, Oakville has some of the most educated people in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, the core of Oakville’s employment market is made up of knowledge-based jobs.

What’s available in Oakville?

Business and Development

Oakville’s prime location in the centre of Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe makes it possible for companies to enjoy easy transportation networks anywhere in the country or world. The town also encourages innovation in several different ways, including:

1. International recognition of Sheridan College

Sheridan’s Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design is Canada’s largest arts school and is recognized internationally for its outstanding animation program. The campus is also home to the Canadian Theatre Project, an incubator for new musicals, and was the starting point for the Broadway musical Come From Away.

2. Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

The OTMH was opened in December 2015 and is a best-in-class health care facility employing over 2,000 people. The hospital holds a teaching partnership with McMaster University and features the latest in patient care technology, including advanced automated laboratory testing.

3. Small business ecosystem

Oakville features an extensive interconnected system of services, programs, and agencies to help small businesses at every stage of their growth.

In addition, there are many other factors that make Oakville an attractive place for business, including:

1. Close proximity to Toronto

Since Oakville is located in the heart of the GTA, it is only 30-minutes from downtown Toronto, which is not only the fourth-largest city on the continent but also the nation’s economic powerhouse.

2. Competitive costs of doing business

Oakville has the lowest overall costs of doing business among the G7 countries. Moreover, it offers competitive rates for tenants in business parks and offers competitive pricing for employment lands and tax rates compared to the communities in the GTA.

3. Global customer reach

Oakville can access major cities in the United States within a day’s drive, including Chicago, New York, Boston, and Washington DC, and even more destinations across the world via Pearson International Airport.

4. Access to a skilled professional workforce

The vast majority of Oakville residents have post-secondary education, which makes it one of the most educated communities in the country and the world. Local businesses can tap into a skilled and experienced workforce within a labour pool of over 3.5 million people in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

It’s also important to note that film and Information Communication and Technology is one of the key sectors in Oakville. Other growing industries include digital media, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and professional and financial services. Oakville is home to many head offices in these sectors, including industry leaders like Siemens, Ford Canada, and PwC.

Trusted Internet for Home

It can be a challenge in and of itself to find reliable, high-speed internet that’s within your family’s budget. However, with Netfox we’re able to help with that challenge. Netfox provides a variety of options that can fit the needs of your family. Not only that, these options give your family the ability to save on monthly expenses.

Trusted Internet for Business

Thinking of starting up a small bakery in Oakville off of Bruce Trail, or a bistro on Kerr Street? A place where people can come, sit, enjoy good food and catch up on life. Providing your guests with high-speed, reliable internet would be a must. Not only that, it’s crucial to have a strong internet connection for just the day-to-day running of your business.

High-Speed Internet Service

Today, fibre-optic internet is recognized as the gold standard for communications. In fact, fibre-optic ISPs claim to consistently deliver the speed advertised, including during times of peak demand, when other internet services like cable tend to lag. Indeed, businesses in and around Oakville have realized that fibre-optic internet is much faster than the competition. But the greater speed and reliability comes at a cost. Is this worth the investment?

Adopting new technologies usually appears to be a risky affair, especially for modern organizations that rely heavily on internet connectivity for collaboration, productivity, and customer communications. However, fibre-optic offers a multitude of benefits over other internet connection options, including:

  • Equal download and upload speeds
  • Significantly higher bandwidth
  • Superior reliability
  • Stronger data security
  • Superior signal distance
  • Sturdier cable technology
  • Smaller and lighter cable technology
  • Lower long-term maintenance costs

Upgrading your Oakville business internet connection to fibre-optic can result in enormous benefits for your operations, and greatly improve your bottom line. Organizations that make the switch from DSL or cable not only benefit from the increased internet speeds and reduced risk of downtime but also fewer cases of hacking and other incidents of cyber-crime, due to improved security. Productivity also tends to improve company-wide, increasing innovation and agility while eliminating data bottlenecks and lower latency.

To learn more about connecting your business to fibre-optic internet in Oakville, call Netfox Communications at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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