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The City of North Bay is located in North-eastern Ontario and is the seat of Nipissing District. North Bay is pretty diverse, offering residents and businesses a high quality of life. There are about 52,000 people in the city, while the trading area has a population of 112,000. The huge population, as well as easy access to surrounding bigger markets in both Canada and the United States, offers many economic benefits. The city is just three to three-and-a-half hours away from both Toronto and Ottawa.

North Bay provides a conducive environment for business in different sectors. There are many business-enabling factors in North Bay, including internationally recognized post-secondary institutions, a modern regional health centre, and a continuously expanding workforce. The city’s abundant amenities and progressive opportunities for growth make it the perfect place for investing.

What’s available in North Bay?

Business Development in North Bay

North Bay’s dynamic, diverse and growing local economy is sustained by vibrant small businesses and industry sectors. With a good balance of institutional, commercial, and industrial operations, North Bay encourages growth by supporting local expansions and winning over new compatible companies.

If you’re planning to start or expand your business in North Bay, there are certain factors that may contribute to your success, including:

1. Strategic location

The economic development in North Bay is associated with the city’s close connection to markets for both raw materials and the corresponding manufactured goods produced from them. Centrally located, North Bay is at the crossroads for road, rail, air and fibre optic routes. This provides a link to the north, south, east and west for transportation and communication activities.

2. Air travel

Only a couple of minutes from the local centre, the city-owned Jack Garland Airport of North Bay has a 3,048-meter runway, 1 out of only 4 in Ontario. Air Canada Jazz operates multiple daily scheduled flights from North Bay to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

3. Rail service

Ottawa Valley Railway, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific provide freight service to North Bay city, providing great access to the marketplace for local firms.

4. Low operating costs

A recent survey revealed that the City of North Bay has one of the lowest industrial tax rates in the province, ranked fourth out of 14 comparable cities for the total average costs of business. Its business costs were also found to be 8.6% below the US baseline.

5. Readily available skilled labour

The top-ranked secondary education institutions in the city attract international talent. In addition, over 86.5% of students from Canadore College and Nipissing University find employment within six months of graduating.

North Bay’s array of amenities and vast natural surroundings makes the city a perfect balance between city living and outdoor recreation for families looking to settle or businesses looking to set up.

Fibre-Optic Internet Service in North Bay

Fibre-optic internet connectivity is praised for its speed and reliability. As an emerging technology, however, there will always be laggards who prefer to wait and assess the effectiveness of the service. If you’re looking to connect your business or home in North Bay to the internet, that you need to separate hype from reality and determine whether the high cost of setting up fibre-optic internet is worth the investment compared to alternatives like cable and ethernet.

Business fibre-optic internet gives you several competitive advantages, including:

1. Improved collaboration

A faster, more reliable connection means improved internal collaboration among staff, as well as customer engagement with the support of multimedia communications such as video conferencing, messaging and big data exchange.

2. Better cloud access

A fibre-optic connection results in faster access to cloud-based apps and services, which in turn minimizes your investment in IT infrastructure speeds up your networking processes.

3. Lower travel costs

Great internet reduces business travel costs due to fast and reliable connection for deeper video conferencing.

4. Faster expansion

With a reliable internet connection, you can improve your business’ agility and create a competitive advantage for fast expansion by tapping into international resources, services, and partnerships.

5. Better customer experience

Providing personalized customer experiences with innovative, powerful data-driven apps and services that leverage big data and fibre-optic connections.

In today’s business climate, it’s important to leverage new technologies. Organizations that have the technical agility to capitalize on technical innovations fast and have a significant competitive advantage. If your competitors use fibre-optic internet technology and you are still using a DSL, there’ll be an obvious difference in the quality of your internet-based operations, from customer engagement to communication, which might cause you to lag behind your competition.

Home Internet Services in North Bay

Are you looking for an Internet package for your home? First, you should consider the types of services you use online —- do you use it for keeping in touch with friends over email, or do you prefer to video call over Skype? Whatever the case, the team at Netfox can customize an Internet package to your needs, with high-speeds and reliable connectivity.

To learn more about connecting your business or home in North Bay to fibre-optic internet, call Netfox Communications at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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