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The community of Kemptville is located in North Grenville Municipality, in Eastern Ontario. It is home to about 69% of the population in North Grenville, which makes it the biggest community in the municipality. Residents have access to 3 elementary schools, 2 high schools, two hotels, and three parks. Most of Kemptville is forested, especially the north and east of the area. The rest of the area is covered by farmland.

Kemptville is one of eastern Ontario’s fastest growing communities, which is a great indicator of economic development. North Grenville has an estimated population of 15,000, and more than one third reside in Kemptville, where they enjoy the unique housing that combines rural and small-town culture, as well as the associated benefits that include natural heritage, quality lifestyle, positive growth, and essential services, among others.

What’s Available in Kemptville?

Business Opportunities in Kemptville

North Grenville, and Kemptville in particular, is attracting the attention of investors. In fact, Downtown Kemptville has witnessed continual renewal over the last few years, with improved public spaces such as the library and parks, renovated heritage buildings, and the increased residential development in the area, all contributing to the community’s success.

1. Proximity to Ottawa

Kemptville’s location is one of its defining features, making it the ideal destination for both big and small businesses and industries. Situated at the intersection of County Road 43 and Highway 416, Kemptville offers fast access to the country’s capital, Ottawa, just 30 minutes to the north, and to the US market as well, only 30 minutes to the south. Within that 30-minute radius, there’s also an international bridge, an international airport, Highway 401, a seaway port, and the main section of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

2. Availability of real estate

Kemptville and the surrounding areas offer serviced land abutting Highway 415, in addition to commercial real estate downtown that is excellent for creative, clean, green businesses looking to set up new and/or expand their operations. Keep in mind that the North Grenville municipality offers exemption from development charges for industrial developments.

3. Educated and creative population

The population of the community grew by about 9.1% in the period 2011-2016, compared to 4.6% for the whole of Ontario over the same period. In addition, most of the population have completed high school and acquired a college certificate, diploma, or trades certificate compared to the provincial average. Generally, North Grenville has one of the highest percentages of ‘Creative Class’ workers in eastern Ontario.

4. Combined urban and rural lifestyle

Kemptville is a caring and giving community that offers a distinctly small-town lifestyle. It’s generally an urban area but the surrounding rural villages and hamlets in North Greenville provide residents with great amenities including trails, waterways, arts and culture, shopping, and dining, all of which make it the ideal place to reside and invest.

5. Reliable and expanding infrastructure

With the Kemptville Campus Education and Community Hub, the Ferguson Forest Centre, an expanding hospital, two of the best performing high schools in Ontario, and incredible trails and recreation facilities in the region, Kemptville and the surrounding areas are growing fast. It’s clear to many that Kemptville is indeed a great place to live and do business.

Reliable Internet Connectivity for Business

Modern organizations depend on internet connectivity to not only communicate with employees internally but also reach their partners and customers externally. Without a reliable data connection in Kemptville, many of your business operations can come to a standstill, which reduces your business profits.

As new and existing businesses in Kemptville pursue digital integration, a quality and stable business internet connection has become invaluable. Data connectivity is critical for every Internet of Things gadget, device, personalized mobile application, and any digital channel your business is relying on.

Gearing up for Cloud Technology

With cloud technology going mainstream, satisfactory data connectivity is more important than ever before. If you’re among the businesses moving your communication tools, data, and applications to the cloud, having a reliable internet connection is even more important.

We realize that business internet is the technological cornerstone of modern businesses in Kemptville. That is why we strive to provide you with reliable data connections to enhance your communications, collaboration, and profitability. So whether you’re looking to unlock more opportunities from connectivity solutions or transition your communications to the cloud, we believe that we are the right business internet service and provider to guide you through this stage of your business.

High-Speed Cable Internet in Kemptville

What works for one Kemptville home may not work for another —- that’s why we offer customizable cable Internet packages to suit the needs of your household. At Netfox, our team will ensure you end up with a great Internet connection, so you can stay online 24/7. That’s why Kemptville residents are turning to Netfox for cable Internet. We thrive to provide you with exactly what you need because in the end, you’re the one using it and it has to meet the needs of your home.

To find out more about connecting your business in Kemptville, call Netfox Communications at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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