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Internet service providers Georgetown

The rural community of Georgetown has a population of just over 42,000. What was once a farming community has grown to become a hub for both commerce and for residential home building. It’s part of the reason that so many are now in the market for Internet services in Georgetown. If you’re searching for the right service for your property, our team at Netfox can offer the perfect solution.

What’s available in Georgetown?

Why choose Netfox?

Few companies can match our team for the quality of our services. That’s because we research and review the marketplace to present services that are designed in direct response to the needs of our clients. When you choose Netfox as your Internet Service Provider in Georgetown, you’ll be able to reduce your costs and to choose a comprehensive service that provides you with the best value for money in the marketplace.

Clients choose Netfox because:

We Offer Unlimited Data

It can be very frustrating as a homeowner to realize that you want to watch a film on your streaming device but your family has used up all of the data for the current month. This is where Netfox stands out in the industry. You will never run out of data on a Netfox account because each of our packages comes with unlimited data access. Regardless of your budget, you can enjoy a luxury service that presents you with unending entertainment options directly in your home. Our unlimited data packages are also ideal for business owners, as they can ensure you’re not left without data access for a key period in the company’s growth.

No Contract to Sign

We believe that you should be free to enjoy the Internet service of your choice and this means being able to upgrade and change your plan as you wish from month-to-month. To highlight our commitment to your freedom of choice, we don’t enforce contracts as part of our service. You can simply pay for the rest of your month’s service and then just to upgrade or change your plan as required. This means there are no early termination fees and no additional costs in the fine print.

Plans to Fit Your Budget

We also build our plans according to the budgets of our clientele. We offer a wide range of plans to accommodate all types of Internet user. For example, if you’re a business owner hosting teleconferences regularly from your office, you might require our 300 Mbps service, which allows for an ultra-fast connection through HD video streaming.

If you’re a home user with a smaller budget, we offer more affordable plans that help you to access the streaming options you love while reducing your costs. You’ll save money when you switch to Netfox as your Georgetown Internet services provider.

Our Service Range in Georgetown

Our full range of services is designed in response to the demands of our clients throughout Georgetown. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional looking for a service for the office, we can provide you with the right option at the ideal price. Let’s review our service selection:

Business Internet Services

Our business internet services are designed for the modern economy. We’ll help provide you with a stable connection to the Internet while reducing your costs over the long-term. We’ll also provide you with the highest quality technical support, so your questions are always answered quickly by professionals.


Looking for the ultimate media experience in the home? Our IPTV service is a leading option for those looking for their next streaming platform. Through the Netfox app, you’ll have access to 150 channels featuring top class television shows and movies from Canada and around the world. Our system is easy-to-use and highly affordable for families on a budget.

Home Internet

Few companies can match Netfox for the quality of our Internet services. We offer ultrafast speeds for downloads, which means you can watch your favourite show instantly and enjoy it interrupted. We also provide the highest quality security within the marketplace, ensuring that your home data is protected by the latest threat-mitigation systems.

Our trusted team is now offering best-in-market Internet services in Georgetown. To find out more about our company and our services, call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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