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Dundas is a small town just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, and is known for the community’s commitment to environmental protection. The Dundas Valley Conservation Area is one of the area’s finest achievements and the town continues to place its resources and focuses on safeguarding its local wildlife and landscape. The town also has a thriving local economy, and as new businesses enter the local marketplace, they’re finding a range of great options for their Internet services requirements. One of the leading local firms is Netfox. We’re now presenting Dundas home and business owners the best value for comprehensive Internet packages.

What’s available in Dundas?

Our Services in Dundas

When you require access to the most reliable Internet connection, it’s important you select a company with a recognized history in the local marketplace. The company should be trustworthy and should be able to prove they can offer value for money as part of their service range. It’s for this reason that so many people are now choosing the services of Netfox. We have spent over a decade in the Dundas marketplace, honing our services and providing clients with their ideal internet service.

Our current service range includes:

Cable Internet for Businesses

When you require a reliable Internet connection for your business in Dundas, you can entrust our team at Netfox to provide the best service. We offer a broad range of packages designed to appeal to all types of business owner. Whether you’re conducting teleconferences throughout the day or simply answering a few emails every hour, we can help you select the right service at the right price for your budget.

Cable Internet for the Home

You now rely on your cable Internet to provide you with entertainment at home. If you don’t choose the right service provider, you may be unable to watch your favourite shows and enjoy using the latest applications. At Netfox, we can help you to select the perfect Internet service for your family. We offer high-speed packages designed to keep up with your family’s demands, as well as affordable options to help you limit the high cost of your Internet bill.


IPTV is the future of streaming technology. By downloading our Netfox application and creating an account with us, you can gain access to 150 channels featuring both local and national programming. Our entire system has been designed to be simple to use and to integrate within your home. You’ll find that you can reduce the cost of your cable bill by hundreds of dollars per year while still retaining access to the latest shows and movies.

The Benefits of Choosing Netfox

Our team at Netfox is here to help you achieve your ideal Internet service experience. We’ll design your Internet package to accommodate all of your demands. Whether you’re simply looking to relax and watch a movie a few times a week or you’re running a large business, Netfox is the company of note for Internet services in the region.

Clients choose us for:

Affordable Options

Our Internet services are among the most affordable in the local marketplace. We’re always offering great deals on high-speed service options. This means you can reduce your dependency on expensive cable services and choose Netfox for a reliable connection. We also work with business owners to analyze their budgets and build packages that meet their actual needs with precision.

Unlimited Data

You’ll never run out of data when you select a Netfox service. We offer unlimited data on each of our packages. This also means that you won’t go over your allotted data allocation and so you won’t be spending more than you originally planned for your Internet bill.

No Contracts

Another key element of the services provided by Netfox is that we don’t enforce contracts. You’ll be able to simply pay for the rest of the month’s services and then you’re free to choose another option. Whether you wish to upgrade or change to a different package within our selection, we’ll help you through the process. It’s a simple way to stay in control of your Internet service and your total costs.

Our experienced team at Netfox is now offering the market’s best range of Internet services. To learn more about our company and the services we’re now offering throughout Dundas, call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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