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Burlington, Ontario is home to over 205,000 people and sits on the Northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. The city is predominantly known for offering families a comfortable and safe environment just outside of Toronto. Its thriving real estate marketplace has seen many new families move to Burlington in recent months. Homeowners and business owners across Burlington are now looking for ways to avoid paying the high cost of Internet services and that’s why many are now choosing flexible packages from Netfox.

What’s available in Burlington?

Your Service Options

Netfox is known for our understanding of the needs of homeowners and business owners. We understand that technology now plays a key role in day-to-day life and that you rely on the Internet to communicate, to shop, and to enjoy new media experiences. It’s why we’ve taken great care in building our Internet service options.

Our services include:

Business Internet Services

We work with Burlington business owners to help them choose the right plans for their organization. When you’re running a growing company that has a team of five people or a larger organization with 50 team members, we can offer Internet services that support your organization and its operational goals for the long-term.

Residential Internet Services

Finding the right Internet package for your family isn’t always easy. There are many elements to take into consideration. How much data do you need? How reliable is the company providing the service? Fortunately, working with Netfox ensures you have access to unlimited data via a reliable connection, around the clock. We also offer various pricing levels so that you can choose the right package for your budget. It’s a commitment to affordability that has helped Netfox become one of the leading Internet service providers in Burlington.

IPTV Services

We also offer comprehensive IPTV services via our Netfox app. You can download our Netfox app for your Apple TV or Android box and watch streamed shows in ultra high definition over your smart TV. Many Burlington homeowners are now turning to IPTV services to reduce their reliance on expensive cable boxes and to enjoy greater control over the available programming. The Netfox app offers direct access to over 150 channels, featuring local Burlington programming as well as national programs.

Why choose Netfox for Internet in Burlington?

During our years in the Burlington Internet services marketplace, Netfox has become respected for our communication with customers and our ability to offer flexibility services packages at affordable price-points. Let’s look at several other benefits of the Netfox service.

More and Better Options

When you’re selecting Internet services packages, you want to choose packages that have been built for you and the needs of your family. Here at Netfox, we’re offering packages at various speed levels from 15Mbps to 300Mbps. This means you can select the right package at the right price.

No Contract Services

One of the key benefits of turning to Netfox is that we don’t make you commit to a long contract as part of our services. We’re offering affordable pricing while giving you full flexibility over your services from month-to-month. If you feel like you need to upgrade to a different package or require time to assess the options, you can simply pay for the month’s services. This is the difference between gaining full control over your Internet payments and being locked-in to a contract that limits your choices.

Unlimited Data

In most cases, companies across Canada require you to pay high prices for unlimited data. It’s an area where most of the companies make their money. But Netfox is offering a different way of doing business. We offer unlimited data on each of our Internet service packages for Burlington homeowners. This means you can watch as much HD programming as you want without having to worry about going over your data limits. You’ll be able to use your device to its full potential throughout the month and enjoy all of your favourite content.

Experienced Technicians

Our team has many years of experience in the telecommunications experience. We only hire technicians that have a comprehensive understanding of both the technology we use and of the best practices for customer services. When you choose our service, you’ll be introduced to our Netfox team who can then help you select the right options for your home or business Internet use.

It’s the trusted service for Burlington home and business owners. To learn more about Netfox and our services, call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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