Reliable Brighton Internet Services

Brighton, Ontario is a town located in Northumberland County and home to 11,000 people. The town is predominantly known for being the home of Presqu’ile Provincial Park and has quickly become one of the leading Ontario towns for those who love being out in nature. Brighton also has a thriving business community that depends on access to the Internet to ensure a constant connection to customers across Canada. And so that’s why many of the local companies across Brighton are now turning to our team at Netfox.

What’s Available in Brighton?

Affordable Internet Options from Netfox

At Netfox, we go to great lengths to ensure you have access to an affordable Internet connection. We recognize the importance that Brighton residents place on service and value, and have designed our company around these principles to meet this demand. Below we’re highlighting just some of the many reasons that Brighton home and business owners select the Netfox service:

Unlimited Internet as Standard

How many other companies offer you unlimited Internet usage as standard in each of their services packages? Whether you choose our Cable 15 plan or our Cable 120 plan, we can provide you with unlimited bandwidth at the right price for your needs. This means that you’re not left trying to use leftover data within your cell phone plan for the remaining days of the month.

It also means you can select the high definition option when you want to watch your favourite tv shows and movies. It’s just one way in which Netfox is working to appeal to the modern Internet user.

No Contracts

Most Internet users are now sick of having to sign up for a contract through each of their service providers. You simply don’t have the time to keep up with all the changes in the contract agreements you have, meaning companies are charging you more and more for the same Internet access. Here at Netfox, we’re committed to offering the highest quality Internet services without the need for you to sign a contract with us. This means that if you simply want to select a new service or upgrade, you can just pay the remaining balance on your month’s bill and then make the change. There is no penalty fee. No need to speak with a number of other team members to complete the change. It’s a simple process designed for your fast-paced lifestyle.

Communication-Focused Services

Each element of our services is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about your options and the price you’ll pay. There are no hidden costs to our services or hard-to-read small print. We operate on that basis that you’ll love our services and we can help you get the most from your home or business. Plus, our technicians have been trained in our software and in handling software and hardware issues. This ensures that when you have a question about your service or the products we offer, our team can answer quickly and with precision.

A Guide to Our Internet Services in Brighton

Ready to review your options? Here’s a summary of our services in the Brighton marketplace:

Cable Internet for Business

Your company requires direct access to the Internet around the clock. You need to know that your Internet connection will be stable and that any issues will be responded to immediately. That’s the benefit of the Netfox service. A clear benefit of our service is that we have worked in the industry for over a decade, and we continue to help local business owners create a bespoke Internet service with only the products they really need. It’s a solution that assures a reliable, affordable connection for your company.

Cable Internet for the Home

Want unlimited bandwidth at an affordable price? Our team at Netfox can now offer you the perfect service. We’re providing homeowners throughout Brighton with the best in unlimited Internet packages. Whether you require Internet for an entire family and each of their devices or you’re simply looking to search the Internet and watch a few shows throughout the week, we’ll help you choose the right connection for you.

IPTV Services

Get the best of streaming content in your home with our Netfox TV app. Connect to your television via an Apple or Android box and you’ll be able to watch the best of local, Canadian and international content at the touch-of-a-button. We can help you navigate Netfox TV and provide you with all the details about this latest addition to our service range.

To learn more about the latest services offered through Netfox in Brighton, call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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