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Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, is home to just under 9,000 people. The city is the largest town in the south shore region of the province and is known for its close-knit community and its growing business centers. The town is now welcoming new residents from across Canada as it seeks to meet its growth targets for the coming years. Infrastructure has been a key consideration for Bridgewater. It’s why so many people are now turning to experts such as Netfox for Internet services.

What’s Available in Bridgewater?

Our Internet Services in Bridgewater

When you require reliable Internet for your Bridgewater home or business, you can turn to Netfox for the ideal service. We offer a full range of Internet services designed to meet your needs with precision. Our range of services includes the following options:

1. DSL Home Internet

We offer the highest quality home Internet for clients throughout the Bridgewater community. One of the reasons so many homeowners now choose our services is that we can respond to their needs for affordably-priced packages. Our Internet packages are built to offer clients the ideal return on their investment for the long-term. We also offer a number of packages ranging in terms of speed and price, to help meet the demands for both budget-friendly and high-speed options in Bridgewater.

2. Business Internet services

Your business depends upon reliable Internet to meet the needs of customers in the years ahead. By turning to Netfox, you can achieve the most reliable connection to the local network while ensuring that you’re always able to respond to customer requirements. For example, you might consider our Netfox 120 plan, which offers up to 120 Mbps download speeds. It’s a plan that will help your business overtake its competitors and achieve your business goals over the long-term.


Our IPTV services will give you the ultimate range of entertainment in your own home. Available via our app, Netfox TV provides you with access to 150 channels at the basic level so that you can choose the show you want to see when you want to see it. One benefit of choosing our IPTV packages is that you won’t have to return to the days of high-priced cable television. We can help you reduce your bills while providing next-level access to the highest quality entertainment.

Why choose Netfox?

There has never been a better time to consider your future Internet Service Provider. Netfox is now offering the ideal, flexible service for reducing your telecommunications costs. Turn to our team for the following:

1. No contract agreements

We don’t require you to stick to a contract when you choose Netfox. This means you’re free to change your Internet requirements on short notice. It also means you have the flexibility to cancel your plan if you choose. There’s no sales hassle. No pressure. We’re simply committed to providing you with the best possible Internet service, on your terms.

2. Affordable options

Another reason many customers are choosing Netfox is that we work hard to reduce their telecommunications costs. We know that prices are rising incrementally across the marketplace, and we’re committed to helping you keep more of your money while providing reliable access to quality Internet. We offer a range of plans at various pricing, and each of our home and business Internet plans comes with unlimited bandwidth.

3. Experience in the industry

We’ve been in the telecommunications industry in Bridgewater for over a decade and we know the requirements of local home and business owners. We use this experience to review the market and continually update our product line so you’re getting the best service selection and the best value on offer. Our experience also means we can answer any questions you have about your Internet connection, keeping you informed and ready to make effective choices for your home or business.

Call Netfox About Better Internet Services in Bridgewater

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home Internet and increase the download speeds available to your family or you’re looking to improve the connection of your business, our team at Netfox can help guide you to choose the right service at the right price for you.

To learn more about our company, our history in the marketplace, and our exceptional services, call Netfox at 877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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