High Speed Internet Providers in Alexandria

Alexandria is a predominantly rural community located along the Ottawa-Montreal corridor. Part of the larger township of North Glengarry, residents enjoy a quieter pace of life that’s ideal for both retirees and growing families. Alexandria places great importance on community gatherings, which is why you can find events happening here all year round.

Locals and tourists are well-served by Alexandria’s eclectic dining options. From family-style restaurants to old-fashioned English pubs, there’s something for everyone on the town’s main strip. Small business owners enjoy tremendous support from the local community. That’s because many residents tend to favour family-owned operations instead of big-chain conglomerates.

Alexandria is well-connected by Via Rail. Trains run about six times a day from the major cities of Ottawa and Montreal. Commuter buses also provide daily service from the nearby village of Maxville to Ottawa-Gatineau.

What’s available in Alexandria?

Choosing Netfox for Internet Connectivity

Whether you own a cafe in Alexandria’s historic district or a B&B in nearby Dalkeith, one thing’s for sure: A reliable Internet connection is key to smooth operations. Both business owners and residents are ditching the big ISPs and turning to Netfox instead. We’ve helped thousands of people in Alexandria and find their ideal Internet package at rates everyone can afford.

Unlike national Internet providers that have zero room for flexibility, Netfox allows access to a wide range of options. This not only ensures our customers are getting what they need, but it’s also an opportunity to reduce their overall costs. Let’s explore some of the many benefits of signing up with Netfox.

No Contracts

Let’s face it: Nobody likes being locked into a contract. Because Netfox does not operate on a contract policy, you can select the right package for your needs — on your terms. Our customers never have to worry about hidden clauses or surprise fees, and they have the option to cancel their services with us at any time. This no-contract approach is what drives our company’s success in Alexandria and its surrounding communities.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There’s nothing more frustrating than being told you’re out of data when trying to download your favourite movie or conduct a video tutorial at the office. Netfox customers can enjoy high-speed Internet without ever having to worry about the amount of data they’re using. Big ISPs only offer limitless data to top-tier customers. But at Netfox, unlimited bandwidth is standard, even within our smallest packages. Our company is one of the few in the region that can offer this premium service at an incredibly low rate.

Experienced Technicians

Our customers in Alexandria can have peace of mind knowing our highly-qualified technicians are just a phone call away. Netfox technicians have decades of experience serving Canadians in the Internet services industry. And we use this knowledge to provide personalized service to each of our customers. Our technicians have a deep understanding of today’s Internet technology, so you can have confidence knowing Netfox can meet all your communications demands.

Explore Our Service Range

When looking for an Internet provider, it’s important to consider the company’s entire range of service offerings. Alexandria is well-served by a variety of digital packages to suit both residents and business owners alike.


Netfox is revolutionizing the way Canadians watch TV. Powered by our high-speed Internet technology, you can enjoy a full HD viewing experience with IPTV. The best part is that there’s no additional hardware to hook up. Netfox IPTV is an app that runs on your existing Apple TV or Roku. From local news to the latest movies, enjoy direct access to more than 150 streaming channels, including international content. You can’t go wrong with IPTV, considering it’s also more cost-effective than traditional cable.

Cable Internet for Home

Whether you’re uploading family photos to social media or staying in touch with relatives over Skype, high-speed Internet access is crucial for any household. If you’re ready to enhance your residential connectivity, rely on Internet services from Netfox. Our plans are designed to cater to all types of households. All residential packages include unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast speeds, and best of all, no contracts.

Cable Internet for Business

We understand how important it is for business owners in Alexandria to keep their operating expenses in check. That’s why we do everything to ensure our business services meet the standards of today’s companies. At Netfox, our digital plans are not only affordable — but also flexible enough to meet your operational demands. Unlimited data is a standard offering, even in our smallest packages. And because we don’t enforce contracts, you can upgrade your existing Internet plan at no additional cost. Ultimately, Netfox provides a service that grows with your organization.

To discover our full range of Internet service options, call Netfox Communications at 1-877-542-9945 or contact us here.


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